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Obviously, Local Artist Interviews is a great resource for Minnesota Visual Artists.  But where would we be without the local galleries?  In addition to the weekly featured artist interviews, LAI features profile of galleries across Minnesota, though to do this we need help from the community...

Are you a gallery owner/manager?  Complete the questions below and email them to LAI at

Are you an artist with a show coming up in a local gallery?  Send this link to the gallery, art center, museum, or coffee house where you will be exhibiting.

Requirements and tips:

  • In the subject line of your email, label your interview as "Blah Blah Gallery - Minneapolis"
  • Do not abbreviate the questions; I will just need to retype them again when I prepare it for publication.
  • Be thoughtful in your responses and avoid 1-2 word answers.  Your responses should be conversational so it reads like an interview.
  • Please send up to 5 jpg images of your gallery space, reception photos, or photos of art work from your gallery, preferably of the work when it was hanging on your walls. (Max size 800x800 pixels).
  • If you wish to update your information to let me know about a current or future show, send me an email with your gallery name in the subject line, and I'll make the change for you.
  • If you find value in this service, please consider making a donation through Paypal by clicking the link on the right side of the page.  LAI is a one-person operation with grand ideas relying on donations for its existence.  If you would like front page placement contact LAI for advertising prices.
I look forward to learning about all of the galleries and other arts resources in the state.  Thank you!
Mike McGraw / LAI
Tell me about your gallery.

Who are three or four local artists who represent the quality and style of work you exhibit at your gallery?
(List like this: Beth Loraine Bowman ( You can list more if you like.

For Artists:
How do you prefer artists contact you regarding exhibiting in your gallery?

What general advice would you give to artists trying to show in local galleries?

For Collectors:
What is the typical price range for works for sale in your gallery?

Do you have any advice for collectors looking locally to buy art?

If by chance all of the local art galleries were having opening receptions on the same night, where else would you recommend people go to maximize their art experience? (Include website links please)

(You can update this section by sending me an email so I can keep your info current. If you want an artist that you represent or exhibit to be featured on LAI, please refer them here for information to submit an interview: