About Local Artist Interviews

Local Artist Interviews exists to create exposure and opportunities for Minnesota artists and organizations through interviews and networking.

Local-Artist-Interviews.com is a collection of interviews with Minnesota-based artists, links to artist websites, gallery information, and artist resources.  It is a platform for the artist to promote their work.  

  1. There is not enough press about the arts in Minnesota.
  2. Many talented artists do not get the exposure they deserve from traditional sources.
  3. Artists have valuable things to share, regardless of their level of success in the art world.
  4. If there was a single convenient place to learn about artists, this would help artists, collectors, and the art community become thrive.
And, thus, www.Local-Artist-Interviews.com was created.

Three things that make this organization unique:
  1. Local Artist Interviews only features Minnesota artists (and some Ex-Pats).
  2. The interview questions are asked specifically to give exposure to Minnesota artists and resources. By including links to all of the artists mentioned, it becomes easier to learn about and network within the Minnesota art community.  There are currently links to around 1000 Minnesota artist websites.
  3. www.local-artist-interviews.com gives exposure to the many great artists of Minnesota who people may have not heard about. Not everyone you will read about here will become as famous as Alec Soth, but you will be exposed to artists of all career levels who have interesting things to say.

All content is the property of www.local-artist-interviews.com and cannot be used without permission. You may link to the site or quote from the site as long as there is a link to the original post. Copyright 2010-2014.  All artwork on this site remains the property of the artist and used here with permission.  Local Artist Interviews reserves the right to use images on its site for other marketing and promotion.

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