Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Was the Best Advice Given to You as an Artist? #4

"What was the best advice given to you as an artist?"

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"What was the best advice given to you as an artist?"

Have thick skin. Stay true to my own vision and allow disappointments to roll off quickly.
Jennifer Davis

Josh is famous for saying “Keep working on it” whenever his students bring him new concepts for a project. He would never say yes to your initial idea, because he knew no matter how good it was, no matter how much of an inspiration of genius you thought you had, you could make it better- more thoughtful, more powerful, better crafted. Growing up, my mother did the same, tempered lifting praise with constructive pushing. There is nothing more necessary for a growing artist.

So best advice I’ve ever been given? 
Never settle on your first (or second or third…) idea. 
Hannah Rogak

I once asked a friend, “what do I have to do to become a full-time artist?” and he answered, "make art full-time".
Christina Habibi

No matter what you are doing in your daily life, even mundane tasks, you can use that experience to feed your art. I always keep that in mind and when asked what percentage of time I spend on my art I can say 100%. It also helps me feel less lazy when I spend an hour staring out the window- hey I’m working!
The best advice I was given as an artist is to bring back everything you do to your art.
Teri Bloch

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