Tuesday, April 26, 2011

St Paul Art Crawl Spring 2011

St Paul Art Crawl
Poster Contest Winner...Kevan Willington / Northern Warehouse

I've been going to the St Paul Art Crawl (Details, maps, parking info, press release) in Lowertown since the later 1980's. My friend, Greg Page, lived there after college. In his huge living space he created individual "forts" to view his art in. There was always lots of beer. It was around this time that I first saw paintings by Theresa Handy. I should have bought her work back then because her prices have only gone up. It was such a great place to see great work, and because the exhibition space was also living space, a great place to see how artists lived.

Today, there is still amazing art to see, but it seems like there is less beer (I may just have been more interested in beer, then. I don't know). Five buildings make up the Lowertown event-- the Tilsner, Jax, Lowertown Lofts, Northwestern Building, and the Northern Warehouse (Where the Black Dog is (used to be Copernicus).

The St. Paul Art Crawl takes place this weekend 4/29-5/1. I always see this event as the start of the art season. The NE Mpls equivalent art crawl, Art-a-Whirl is the 3rd weekend in May. Then we have the summer art fairs to look forward to. Edina Art Fair, Powderhorn Uptown, Loring Park. Lots of art to see this summer, and the St. Paul Art Crawl kicks it off.

Local Artist Interviews has featured a few artists who are exhibiting at the the St Paul Art Crawl this weekend. Kara Hendershot, Kevan Willington, and Stephanie Guidera. This week we also add Rhea Pappas, an amazing artist in the Northern Warehouse and ceramic and glass artist, Lisa Mathieson, in the Tilsner building. See you there -- LAI

Rhea Pappas - Northern Warehouse

Stephanie Guidera / Tilsner Bldg

Kara Hendershot / Northern Warehouse

Lisa Mathieson / Tilsner Building
Ceramic and Glass

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