Friday, October 28, 2011

Circa Gallery - Gallery Profile

Circa Gallery

210 N 1st St
Mpls, MN 55401

Tell me about your gallery.

Circa is a contemporary art gallery located in the Minneapolis Warehouse
district on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 1st Street.

Our mission is to provide awareness, discernment and appreciation of a vast
array of contemporary styles, media and expressions. We strive to assist our
patrons in acquiring art reflective of their own creative dimension.

We are committed to showing work by a select group of the most talented and
well-respected artists on the contemporary scene.

We typically present seven diverse exhibitions per year, opening new shows
approximately every six weeks. In addition to our exhibition schedule we
house a selection of works by our various artists that can be viewed
throughout the year. On request, we are always happy to take visitors
through the gallery¹s racks for a hands-on introduction.

Who are three or four local artists who represent the quality and style of
work you exhibit at your gallery?

Theresa Handy (
Ken Steinbach (
Monica Reede (
Barbara Kreft (

For Artists:
How do you prefer artists contact you regarding exhibiting in your gallery?

Please email a selection of images along with your artist statement and
contact info to

What general advice would you give to artists trying to show in local

Always check out a galleries stable of artists to make sure you are good
fit. Then, send several images or website information and a resume in
whatever form the gallery requires. Don¹t just stop in with work to show.
You need to make an appointment first. It is a big turn off for galleries
for artists to just pop in and ask for the director or staffer to take a
look at their work.

Also, put together a cohesive body of work to show your style. Let the
gallery know what you have done and where you are headed with your work.

For Collectors:
What is the typical price range for works for sale in your gallery?

We have a wide range in pricing. We have smaller works and works on paper
for around $1000 and it goes up to about $12,000 for larger works.
Our biggest selection is in the area of $4000.00

Do you have any advice for collectors looking locally to buy art?

Look around at several galleries and get a feel for what local artists you
like. Make sure the artist has a solid track record of showing work and that
the work is well made. A gallery director or staffer should be able to guide
you to top local artists who have a good reputation and are collected.

If by chance all of the local art galleries were having opening receptions
on the same night, where else would you recommend people go to maximize
their art experience?

Groveland Gallery is an excellent gallery with knowledgeable staff.
Chambers Gallery is a good place to check out as well.

What is your current exhibit?

We are currently showing a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Theresa
Handy at our gallery. Fall 2011.

Theresa is a local artist who graduated from the University of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee in 1995. She has been a recipient of the Minnesota State Arts
Board Fellowship, the Jerome Fellowship and a semi finalist on numerous
occasions for the McKnight Fellowship. HANDY has been featured in many
publications, her work resides in corporate and private collections, and she
has an extensive exhibition record.

Her paintings are abstractions, sufficiently referential so that it is
commonplace to see them as suffused with a special light, dense with
allusions to sky, water, sun, bleached architecture, sharp shadows and
angular illuminations, often haunted by human presences. The discrete images
collectively exist as a memorial reflecting Handy's recollection and
experience with the environment, and a testimonial to her experience on
Earth and her struggle to reconcile and find balance with the world around

Theresa Handy Exhibit Details: 10/28/11 - 12/3/11 Reception 5-8, Friday 10/28

UPDATE:   September - October 2013 Kenneth Steinbach - Drawing and Sculpture - Interview

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