Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gallery Co - Gallery Profile

Gallery Co

1609 Hennepin Ave S
Mpls, MN 55403


Who are three or four local artists who represent the quality and style of work you exhibit at your gallery?

JoAnn Verburg
Joel Sisson
Christine Baeumler
Jenny JenkinsDavid Sollie

Jo Ann Verburg (Photos on Back Wall)

For Artists:

How do you prefer artists contact you regarding exhibiting in your gallery? 

I appreciate personal visits or e-mails with links to their sites. I’m not a fan of snail mail packages. I love meeting local artists. My email is I look forward to hearing from you!

What general advice would you give to artists trying to show in local galleries?

Every gallery is different. Try to be nice. Positive energy goes a long way.

Joel Sisson

For Collectors:

What is the typical price range for works for sale in your gallery?
$250 - $30,000

Do you have any advice for collectors looking locally to buy art?

We love to encourage collectors to invest in local artists, but we are not pushy. Some collectors want to hear a story about the artist – and prefer to invest in art that has a connection to New York, or some prominent museum. We respect that, but we love to see collectors simply fall in love with a work.

It’s great when a painting sells itself, simply because it is so beautiful.

If by chance all of the local art galleries were having opening receptions on the same night, where else would you recommend people go to maximize their art experience?

Jenny Jenkins

So many great galleries in this town!
Our favorites (in any order)

Midway Contemporary
Weinstein Gallery
Bockley Gallery
Soo Visual Arts
Form + Content
The Northrup King Building is a mix of great galleries and fine artist studios.

What is your current exhibit?

Hmm. We used to be a gallery that had exhibits; however, one year ago we moved gallery co (from the Wyman building) into the Northrup King Building  (and now to 1609 Hennepin in Mpls (2012) and morphed into an art gallery + highly edited consignment store. So no more single artist exhibitions for us! Instead, we feature amazing contemporary art, mixed with beautiful antiques, asian, mid-century, custom and gently used, chic, modern furniture, along with lighting, pottery, books (coffee table art & architecture, poetry, notable fiction, etc.), rugs, pillows, spa grade products, and fabulous Robin Rife jewelry.

Regarding current artwork, at the moment, gallery co has three gorgeous works from Jo Ann Verburg, many kickass Joel Sisson sculptures, fantastic Don Coen paintings, and other sweet works from David Sollie, Stacey E. Meyer, Christine Baeumler, Shana Kaplow, John Alspach, Abraham Renco, Mary Bergs, Connie Helke, and more.

We also have incredible art on consignment. Yesterday we acquired a large number of interesting works from a prominent local art collector. Our inventory is always changing, and we are not the best at always getting images of new work posted online.

Joel Sisson

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