Monday, June 6, 2011

INTERVIEWED! LAI Contest Winners - Round Two

The Round Two LAI Contest Winners had slightly better scores than the Round One artists, but it is worth pointing out again that the scores for a majority of the interviews submitted differed only by a few points. Congratulations to everyone here for their fine work. You will be notified on how to collect your prizes.

Membership Winner...Lisa Mathieson - Ceramic and Glass

Membership Winner...Brandon Keuhn - Painter

Membership Winner...Matt Albers - Painter

Membership Winner...Tom Riggle - Painter
Membership Winner...Lauren Krukowski - Mixed Media

Membership Winner...Rhea Pappas - Photographer

The jury consisted of Michael McGraw, photographer and operator of, Lindsy Halleckson, painter/installation artist who was also a 2010 featured interview, and Christina Schmid, who has taught at MCAD and CVA, as well as the co-editor of Quodlibetica where she writes about art. Lindsy and Christina both put in a tremendous amount of time reading and I am in their debt. Please visit their websites, check out their projects and keep them on your artistic radar.

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