Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grand Prize and Top Ten - LAI Interview Contest Winners

The grand prize winner of the 2011 Local Artist Interviews Interview Contest is...
Margaret Wall-Romana (Painter).

As the grand prize winner, Margaret wins memberships to 10 Minnesota arts organizations, a consultation with Springboard for the arts, and a subscription to Shots Magazine. This is a $500+ value.

Many of us have seen Margaret's beautiful paintings this winter when she was part of the MAEP exhibit and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Personally, it is one of the most exciting exhibits I have seen in the MAEP gallery. Her interview was thoughtful and accessible and gave one a feel for her work and her process--everything the LAI hopes for in one of our features. Congratulations, Margaret Wall-Romana!

Grand Prize
Best Interview 2011

The Tier One artists listed below are fabulous artists and interviewees. The competition for these prizes was stiff, with 9 of the artists all scoring within 4 points of each other. I am proud to have all of these artists featured on LAI as a excellent examples of the the artistic talent here in Minnesota. My thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. I hope that from it you will have increased exposure to your art, offers to exhibit, and many, many sales.

Artist Consultation Winner...Jessica Teckmeyer - Installation

Membership Winner...Alison Hiltner - Installation

Membership Winner...Alex Kuno - Painter

Membership Winner...Tim White - Photographer

Membership Winner...Katie Parr - Photographer

Subscription Winner...Peter Happel Christian - Photographer

Membership Winner...Kyle Fokken - Sculptor

Membership Winner...Liz Miller - Installation

Membership Winner...Ute Bertog - Painter

Membership Winner...Robyn Hendrix

The jury consisted of Michael McGraw, photographer and operator of, Lindsy Halleckson, painter/installation artist who was also a 2010 featured interview, and Christina Schmid, who has taught at MCAD and CVA, as well as the co-editor of Quodlibetica where she writes about art. Lindsy and Christina both put in a tremendous amount of time reading and I am in their debt. Please visit their websites, check out their projects and keep them on your artistic radar.

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SuziSez said...

Margaret Wall-Romano is a seriously great painter. I love her work. I was so impressed by the colorations the expanse of the oil paintings and the features within each piece, that I couldn't stop talking about it for months. I still keep the catalog near my work area for inspiration. As a painter, I learned that in keeping a standard of painterly focus no matter the subject, it will return to you in inspiration that is communicated all over the canvas. To me that is important.