Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to the New Year

  Happy New Year, from Local Artist Interviews.  I wish to thank everyone who has contributed interviews for all of their hard work to make this site a success.  For most people it takes a couple hours of writing, and who knows how much time promoting their interviews once it is posted.  Your contribution work is much appreciated.

The aspect of LAI that I am most excited about is the growing archive of artist information.  At this time 125 talented artists have shared some very in-depth information about themselves and their art, so this is a great tool to research artists in Minnesota.  Below is just a small sample of interviews I have enjoyed reading this year.  --Remember, Local Artist Interviews is a resource open to all MN 2d-3d artists.  

Please consider contributing an interview profile to the site in 2012.

Lance Ward

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