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Altered Esthetics - Gallery Profile

Altered Esthetics
Q'Arma Bldg
1224 Quincy St NE
Mpls, MN 55413
Twitter: @alteredesthetic
Facebook: Altered Esthetics

Tell me about your gallery.

Altered Esthetics is a small, non-profit art space located in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. We are a completely volunteer-run organization, operating with the combined efforts of our dedicated Board of Directors, interns, and volunteers--most of whom are artists. Ae is known for being welcoming and accessible to artists at all levels in their careers. We provide many different opportunities, including group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, workshops, and educational opportunities. Our goal is to nurture creativity, and to exhibit a diverse and realistic representation of a community of artists working in all media. This includes art by working professionals, students, MFA graduates, self-taught artists, 'outsider' artists, and anything and everything in between. Everyone is welcome, and everyone gets to have a voice.

For Artists:
How do you prefer artists contact you regarding exhibiting in your gallery?

Our main gallery space features group exhibitions that rotate monthly, and each month there is a new theme. The themes for our Group Exhibitions Schedule are determined over a year in advance, so artists can look ahead to see if their artwork fits one of our exhibition themes. The deadlines for our open calls are a month and a half before the exhibition actually occurs. For example, for our February 2012 exhibition "Crossing Borders" the deadline to submit artwork was December 15th 2011. Once selected for an exhibition, selected artists receive specified dates and instructions for delivering their artwork and for related exhibition events. 
We prefer that artists check out our open calls page for submission information and upcoming deadlines:

Ae Open Calls (Link)  From there, artists can register on our website and submit work online.

We also have a solo exhibitions program designed to help emerging artists build a cohesive body of work, and learn the skills necessary to develop their careers. Each program participant has the opportunity to attend special workshops, receive career guidance, and exhibit their artwork at one of our partner locations. Artists interested in applying should contact or watch our website for details, which will be posted at a later date.

What general advice would you give to artists trying to show in local galleries?

It takes quite a while to plan and promote an exhibition, and most galleries have a schedule set several months in advance. Do a little research to find out how and when galleries accept submissions or proposals. Follow deadlines, guidelines, and policies – and realize that these things vary from gallery to gallery.

It also helps to build ongoing, positive relationships with gallery staff and directors. Spend time at various openings and gallery events. Art is about community, so get used to talking to people about what you do and how you do it. Gauge the atmosphere and audience of various galleries to find out what's most comfortable for you, and start there.
Take yourself seriously, and others will, too!

For Collectors:
What is the typical price range for works for sale in your gallery?

Commonly between $100 and $500 dollars, for small to mid-size works.

Do you have any advice for collectors looking locally to buy art?
There are many great opportunities in the Twin Cities to go directly to artists’ studios to purchase their work, or local galleries which represent their work. Open studio events in both arts districts of Northeast Minneapolis and Lowertown St. Paul offer the chance to visit local artists' studios to meet and talk to the artists and view their work. Collecting art can be a very personal experience for many people.

Keep in mind that when you purchase an art piece, whether it is directly from an artist's studio or from a local gallery, it is not about simply buying an object. It is about investing in an artist's career and supporting a local arts community. Take the time to find out more about the artist, how the work was made, and what inspired the piece. Knowledge of the background information of the artist and the work can be a strong starting point for a supportive and honest relationship between an artist and a collector.

Please don’t ever let price, be it large or small, dictate the quality or statement of the art piece.

If by chance all of the local art galleries were having opening receptions on the same night, where else would you recommend people go to maximize their art experience?
In Lowertown St. Paul: 
Lowertown First Fridays (, which takes place on the first Friday of each month, is a self guided tour of local artists' studios and galleries throughout Lowertown. This is the best time to check out art openings in Lowertown.

As part of LFF, Echo Arts in the Northwestern Building, Black Dog Cafe, and AZ Gallery in the Northern Warehouse both have receptions each month. Air Sweet Air also just opened in Lowertown, located right across from the Northwestern Building which houses Echo Arts.

Northeast Minneapolis: 

Similar to Lowertown St. Paul, the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District has First Thursdays in the Arts District. Artists in several different buildings throughout the district make themselves available to answer questions and show visitors their workspace. Ae’s home, the Q.arma Building is also home to many artists’ studios, with open hours the first Friday of each our exhibits aren’t the only reason to visit--stay a while and meet the neighbors!

It is also worth checking out fund raisers for arts or civic-minded organizations, where many fine works can be purchased in silent auctions at a fraction of their retail value.

Who are three or four local artists who represent the quality and style of work you exhibit at your gallery?
It is difficult to choose just a few, since we show such a variety of styles!

Marnie Erpestad (Photographer) (LAI interview)

Kevin Cannon ( Comic Artist )

Michelle Lee ( Print Maker)

Shuji Usui ( Painter) ( LAI interview)

What sets Ae apart from other galleries?
We are known for being friendly, unpretentious, and--best of all--affordable! We never charge artists to submit work to our group exhibitions; only artists who are accepted into a show are asked to pay an exhibition fee. For some shows, even the exhibition fee is waived.

Ae Board

January 2016 - I AM / Rosie Brown
July 2014...Nadia Honary
Many others...check the Altered Esthetics tag
October 2014...Jen Dolen / West Bank Art Crawl
September 2014---John Pocklington / Shutter
August 2014---Kurt Hippauf / Dangerous
July 2014...Charley Murphy / It Came from the Q.arma Bldg
June 2014...Jen Reyes
May 2014....Cliff Meacham / Man Up
March 2014…Lahli Trevis / Dust Jacket
February 2014..Janet Groenert / Hug it Out
January 2014…Michael McGraw / Remasterpiece
December 2013…Jacqui Rosenbush / Knot What it Seems
November 2013...Zamara Cuyun / Dia De Low Muertos
September 2013...James Powell /Fabled
August 2013...Jacqui Rosenbush / Time Honored
July 2013...Janelle Doyle / Physique and Technique
June 2013...Ellie Kingsbury / Bike Art VIII
May 2013...Michelle Runyon / Insert Title Here
April 2013...Chris Price / Brewer's Craft
March 2013....Holly Wiggin / Straight Trippin'
February 2013...Damon Rowley / Past the Apocolypse
December 2012...Julie Sirek / Family Closet
September 2012...Dan Murphy / Creative Property
August 2012...Mary Foote / Anger Angst and Art
July 2012...Dona Schwartz / Collecting Evidence
June 2012...Michelle Lee / Bike Art Vll
April 2012...Amber White / Formed by Nature
March 2012...Danielle Feliciano / Belles Lettres
February 2012...Maria Korol / Crossing Borders
January 2012...Summer Scharringhausen / In Process
December 2011...Emily Chesley / Rescue Me III
November 2011...Lindsay Nohl / Dia De Los Muertos
October 2011...Marnie Erpestad / Fear Itself
September 2011...Shuji Usui / Home
August 2011...Lance Ward / Comic Cookbook
July 2011...Elisabeth Preble / Hope of the Union
June 2011...Lisa Lardy / Bike Art VI
May 2011...Matthew Albers / Art?
April 2011...Katie Parr / Flesh and Form
March 2011...Dim Media / Fanboi
February 2011...Gina Lineberger / Online (Dis)Connect
January 2011...Margaret Gamache / Agents of Orange

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